Nanoedge GmbH – your edge in nanotechnology

Nanoedge GmbH develops innovative materials and thin films. The focus of the innovation is the functionalization of flexible and temperature-sensitive substrates in order to enable new innovative product developments.

With the help of its self-developed nano-coating technology, Nanoedge has already achieved great success in the application-based development of innovative surfaces.

The concentration on our targeted areas, energy and environmental technology, lightweight construction and life science laid the foundation for the technology adaptation in 2019. Supported by national and international funding, we immediately succeeded in entering the development environment of high-performance fiber composites.

We see ourselves as a driver of the future and therefore we are already now working successfully with a wide variety of project and cooperation partners. This helps us to recognize future technological trends at an early stage and to actively participate in their development right from the very beginning.

In addition, the first customer-specific material and product developments, as part of our range of R&D services, have already been successfully completed. The deposition of extremely thin nano-layers on numerous material and product surfaces continues to be a essential part of our core business. The high quality that we can achieve, especially with regards to the homogeneity, layer thickness and adhesion of the applied nano-coating, offers our customers the right basis for creating future-oriented and tailor-made products.