Nanoedge is a high-tech materials science start-up that is specialized in innovative developments of advanced materials and products.

We constantly pursue our goal of enabling precisely those product innovations that were previously considered impossible.

Through our self-developed nano-coating technology, we are able to change the surfaces of complex materials on a very fine scale to create completely new and unique product applications.

This enables our customers to gain significant advantages in preparing their products for the future.

Why Nanoedge?

  • Benefit from our wealth of experience and know-how in the field of nano surface coatings.

  • Quick check of project feasibility.

  • No invest in your own research facilities needed.

  • Flexible test series by our specially developed coating systems.

  • Creation of prototypes and small batches without own capacities.

  • Reduce your entrepreneurial risk – we identify and develop the necessary process parameters for you.

  • Reliable support from the idea to the start of production – all completely from one company.

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