Nanoedge is a high-tech start-up that specializes in innovative material and product developments.

Our self-developed nano-coating technology enables us to generate disruptive changes in properties, especially on temperature-sensitive and geometrically challenging surfaces.

This generates functional surfaces and thereby completely new types of products, which are mainly used in the fields of energy and environmental technology, lightweight construction and life science.

Our mission:

“We create high-performance nano-coatings to enable revolutionary and innovative products that play a significant role in shaping a more efficient and sustainable world.”


Why Nanoedge?

  • > Innovative functionalizations of numerous surfaces

  • > Addition of new properties for the targeted improvement of materials

  • > Expansion of the application potential of temperature-sensitive and flexible materials

  • > Surface modifications by using a wide variety of metallic and non-metallic nano-coatings

  • > Unique layer structures are possible starting from a layer thickness of just a few nanometers

  • > Individual R&D services based on many years of experience in the field of thin film deposition

  • > Quick verification of project feasibility – from prototype to small series

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